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We celebrate India and offer meaningful travel, respecting local culture and host  communities. Some of our reputed verticals are India City Walks, India Heritage Walks®, Storytellers of India®, India With Locals®, Varanasi Heritage Walks®, Delhi Walks® & more.

Hop on hop off tours

We curate and design tourism offerings to one’s individual needs and interests. We provide you with the best & most authentic experience of Incredible India.

Signature Walks®

Our award-winning walking tours are backed by many years of passion and combinations to fulfil expectations of guests. Walk With Us® & explore the locales of a city

Day & multi-day trips

Our forte is in experiential quality of activities, concentrating on traveller requirement. We have been delivering excellent visitor experience via authentic information.

Local sightseeing

We deliver most exquisite India itineraries by taking you to captivating destinations showcasing ‘the living legacies®‘ to present India in multiple ways

Live Masterclass

Experienced mentors delivering expertly crafted thematic sessions with creativity, spontaneity & authenticity

Virtual Experiences

Delivering meaningful, locally driven life-changing tours & activities on all types of digital formats

Aerial Sightseeing

Enjoy the ultimate scenic views from sky on our bespoke, thematic helicopter, plane tours in India

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destination engagement expertise

We include every facet of tourism within India’s enormous diversity for recreation & leisure

Identifying Local Identities

We enable travellers to connect with many offerings within a short timeframe. Our years of experience in working with local communities has enhanced consumption, touring, education by facilitating EQ Encounters®. We have identified & trained locals (hosts) who help you explore India in the most authentic manner. Our tours & experiences on diversity of India

Creating Community Impact

We have been featured in national & international media for delivering enriching experiences to the visitors. Our exceptional experiences® facilitate socio-economic upliftment at the local level. We bring on-ground thematisation in each region of India which is also advocated by several locals. Our community experiences enhance the value for visitor and host

Active Adventures

Piece by piece, selectively chosen, our handpicked activities create an exciting ensemble of adventure activities just to ensure the best adrenaline rush for you

Culture Display

We create experiential India engagement &
enhance interpretation of a destination. When on move you will have Non-Stop Fun Whichever Way you look at!

Spiritual Experiences

In the heart of India discovery lays the spiritual quest. Our itineraries bring the mind at rest, the heart to peace with destinations that help you reach your goal

The Living Legacies®

Privacy & solitude in sublime surroundings is a treasured experience. Finding the perfect location is an art which we do best. Choose us to enjoy this unmatchable experience of past generations

Body Holiday

Our experiences are an amalgamation with tradition and diversified cultures, bringing them together for you appreciate a holistic transformational journey of mind, body, soul

Deserts Tours

Unique, exciting, fabulous! These emotions comes to mind on our desert tours which are richly crafted with luxury and creativity. Amped up activities, this is an engaging tour

Shared Heritage®

A diverse country like India gives one umpteen opportunity to explore its destinations through heritage. Immerse into stunning heritage experiences where we share stories, anecdotes and more

Beach Holidays

Experiences on the beaches include range of activities that will make your holiday transformative and immersive fostering creative and relaxing getaway

Luxury Trains

India has some of the finest luxury train experiences in the world. When these train rides are clubbed with stories, then these become a part of your lifetime memories

Wellness Retreats

Relaxing and liberating the mind and body! We have a range of offering for you to choose from. The Wellness Tours are available at multiple location across India


Our events are networking opportunities to broaden the horizon of knowledge. We bring expertise in incentive travels, team building activities, local immersions and much more

Wildlife Tours

Our Wildlife experiences with experts are a must do of you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiasts. We give you an insight to the heart of India’s diverse flora and fauna










We are committed to sharing stories about people, places and food. Everywhere you go, you are steeped in History

Know India Opportunities

India is a diverse land, and we are on a mission to bring a positive and a lasting change by inspiring, leading and organizing socially and culturally impactful thematic experiences, walks and city tours across India to showcase the character of a place comprising its built environment, cultural heritage, historical and contemporary facets

Shaping Immersive Holiday

India awaits a traveller with a million amazing moments. Be it culture, heritage, pilgrimage, wildlife or adventure. India has it all. We shall facilitate and innately care of your needs, which shall provide you a mesmerising experience

Spiritual Indulgence

A journey to the pilgrimages in India will take you to the journey to Nirvana. An overwhelming experience is waiting for eternal bliss as India with diverse spiritual heritage has unique traditional values where the Gods bestow their blessings

  • Eco-tourism
  • Low-impact approach
  • Private Experiences
  • Small Groups









In-Depth Local Knowledge

We believe Experience is Everything hence, our Handpicked India® programs deliver immersive experiences


We are an organisation with set of standards and values and pay particular attention to the unique needs and aspirations of the communities that helps us garner maximum knowledge


Every facet of our tourism promotes the local specialities in terms of history, heritage, architecture, culture, tradition, cuisine, art & craft, literature, flora & fauna


Appreciating the residents to become good hosts and reducing inequalities. The designated City Champion® will work respectfully and enthusiastically with local communities


A sense of belongingness and peace, evokes sentiments of being a responsible citizen and showcasing the India differently. Our Handpicked India® offering is tailor-made for pilgrims


Exquisitely designed for the travellers to immerse in luxury lap of India’s best offerings. The luxury experiences with us leaves no stones unturned to make it memorable experience for you


Exotic and immersive cruise journeys await you. These cruise experiences come with extensive storytelling sessions and activities during the sail. Our experiences bring you a world full of oceanic experiences


Looking for serene locales for a cosy get-away? We have the best offerings across India that encapsulates everything that you desire for your romantic themed ultimate, intimate times.


The land explorations are incomplete if you do not cover the treasure island of India jungles. We introduce wilderness with special considerations on sightings to experience habitats surrounding the land

Theme Tours

Our experience amalgamates with diversified Indian culture, bringing them together for active interaction with the locals. We match tourism products & traveller profiles with learning scenarios

Spirited Tales®

Keeping you in high spirits is the essence of Spirited Tales ® Join us as we introduce you to the world with lesser ‘spirits’! Be it for consumption or the other worldly stories, we have it all for experience

Weekend Gateways

One of the best suited and chosen offerings for the locals and the residents, the weekend getaways are packed with in-destination activities, plenty of scope for kids to enjoy and adults to rejuvenate

Personalised Holidays

These are our range of customised experiences where one gets to mix-match and create their own wish list for an experience. These are multi-thematic offerings as per one’s desire



If you are looking for hassle free, flexible, and affordable experiences with a window to add-ons as per your choice, then these tours are for you. India City Discovery has its complete list of destinations which includes treks, trails, walks, immersion and much more for the audience

Road Trips


Exciting, thrilling, exploring the unexplored, charting new routes and making new destination goals – all on a road trip!

Friends and family on a road-trip that offers much more than what your wish-list has, that is what India City Discovery brings for you. Our road-trip itineraries are safe, followed through the right road safety protocols and introduces an exciting chapter to your bucket list of travel. We shape active holidays



Encourage safer ways of exploring tourism destinations as per health and hygiene steps are the key concern areas for our team working across the country

Wellness is an integral part of our day to day lives and it is a must to explore destinations associated with wellness across your travel destination. With India City Discoveries, we have a complete range of curated programs which help you explore the best wellness options according to your requirements

Explore Regional


Spices, Flavours, Traditional Kitchen, Ancient Recipes, Mouth-watering Experiences – Explore the heartland of India with India Food Trailsand awaken appetites unknown

Our tailored & researched EATINERARY® is curated to bring a regional blend to your India food explorations. We bring cultural anecdotes through a platter of food on multi-day ‘India Food Trails‘. The culinary walks® showcase kitchen culture and gastronomic experiences range from a quick sneak-peak into the food paradise to a complete day experience. At every step there is much more food in the regions to explore

Virtual Tours


Our offering consists of showcasing the uniqueness of a place, its features, character and colour in the best manner to the globetrotters. We have exploration formats like Drone Travel, Virtual Bud®, Virtual Explorer® and Drone Rental® showcase India’s distinctive offerings. The virtual experiences are befitting to guest expectations and also in a manner in which the city’s soul can be showcased. In today’s digital spaces, our Aerial Sightseeing programs are based on intelligence, interaction and information

Party Crawl®


Parties, Fun and Frolic, Foot Tapping, Stories, Memories and a non-stop hop to your next destination – this makes PARTY CRAWL® an absolute must

As a combination of our most popular experiences, this program is curated keeping spirited approach. The customisation is done as per your interests and for you to know local palates, participate in food-drinks related activities for responsible enjoyment. We first understand your intentions in experiencing edible products and curate a thematic crawl at best bars with music that destination has to offer. Our programs are absolutely informed, entertaining, and create joyful memories. Book our PARTY CRAWL® experience and instantly bypass the tourist run-arounds and jump right into the heart of the entertainment!

Our Operations

We are a flagship of a multi-award winner experiential tourism delivery organisation City Explorers® (a private limited company in India). We facilitate and innately care of your needs, which provides you with a mesmerizing experience. Specialists in tailor made packages, we deliver India experiences suiting your individual requirements in an exclusive manner. We have served tourists and groups from around the world.

We bring innovation to city sightseeing and keep a people-centred approach towards tourism design. We operate several flagships and bring innovation in tourism to position local identities into experiential themes for travellers to explore regions in a responsible, safe, and sustainable manner. We inspire the audience by curated content and promote authentic themes that reflects the outstanding cultural diversity of India. We align passionate locals and community representatives who are eager to share their stories for a deeper connection desired by the traveller.

We create community impact through ‘Vocal for Local’ and present India in multiple ways to build connections between people, places and culture. You can write to us on help@cityexplorers.in or call us on +91 989 9692790 for experiential India exploration

Cautionary Statement

We at INDIA CITY DISCOVERY (UNIT OF CITY EXPLORERS PRIVATE LIMITED) take our brand identity very seriously and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. It has come to our attention that there may be individuals or entities attempting to use our company name or similar word marks for fraudulent or deceptive purposes.

We want to make it clear that any use of our name, logo, word-marks, or other branding elements without our permission is strictly prohibited. We have taken legal measures to protect our intellectual property, and we will not hesitate to take further legal action against anyone who infringes on our rights.

If you come across any individual or entity using our name or similar word marks without our permission, we encourage you to report it to us immediately. Please send an EMAIL: help@cityexplorers.in  or call us  PHONE: +91 989 969 2790 with details of the infringement and any relevant information that you may have.

We appreciate your support in helping us protect our brand identity and ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service. Thank you for choosing INDIA CITY DISCOVERY for your travel, discovery and exploration needs, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with excellence.



India Experiences

We Deliver Experiences appealing to travellers & Accelerate New Opportunities to appreciate culture









Music & Dance










We support creative thinking, collaboration and the effective use of technology to enhance your India discovery. We are passionate about responsible travel and love to talk about it with you!

India City Discovery(ICD®) is operated by ‘City Explorers® (pvt. ltd.) having several award-winning flagships to deliver transformative travel programs.

You can send us an email- help@cityexplorers.in or call us on +91 989 9692790 or fill the form.


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